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In case you missed it, this is the item of the week
It's a screenshot of a motivating picture on Instagram, for those who are discouraged to carry out resolutions this year. You can do it!

Whether it's an awesome quote, funny picture, or cool idea: if it's interesting or makes you think, I'll put it here. Here is the archive:
(Always a growing list so check back soon!)

Gretchen Rubin e-mail: Author of The Happiness Project replies to an e-mail I sent her!
Little Free Library: I wrote about this awesome idea that's really taking off around the U.S. to get kids to read. I think Laredo could really benefit. If you want more information, go here.
Words to live by!: (Picture)
Katherine Heigl & Feminism: This post talks about Katherine Heigl's essay for She writes about marriage and it's really good. Also, a refreshing definition of feminism I discovered at the time.
Weirdo: (Picture)
Disney can predict the future: (Picture)
Cartoon: (Picture)
Why people buy things: (Picture)
Faith: (Picture)
Need motivation?: (Picture)

'til next time, stay classy!♥

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