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Week 1: NBC TV + Video

Meredith going bald: Highlight of the episode ^ courtesy of
The Office, Season 9, Episode 10 "Lice"

The storyline:

In this episode, they are two stories going on. One is with Jim and the other with Pam at the office. Pam is experiencing being left alone with the kids for the first time. As if that wasn't overwhelming enough, Cece (her daughter) ends up getting lice. Pam brings lice to work by accident. That's all I'll say about that because I don't want to spoil it. She checks up on Jim throughout the week but little does she know, he's meeting his basketball idols and riding limos. 


I read the comments on Hulu sometimes before I watch the episodes so this probably sends me in with a bit of a bias. I try to read after but this time, I couldn't help myself since there was a break mid-season. However, all the comments were right about the opening being horrible. I can't understand why the writers are running out of ideas. I will say that I think that this episode is definitely the beginning of an attempt to focus on Pam's insecurities. It seems that Pam and Jim are beginning to have different opinions for once instead of always being so in sync so it'll be interesting.  I feel like Jenna Fischer is really trying to make up for the lack of momentum this season has had but maybe that's just me. A funny thing that was also happening was Daryl trying to get dumped. Although he does make it happen, the other sales staff ends up butting in and ruining his plans. Also, there seems to be a sub-plot going on with Pete and Erin. I don't know if it's being done on purpose but Pete reminds me of a young Jim (even with the tone of his voice). He's been eyeing Erin the whole season and so far, this episode shows that their chemistry is pretty undeniable. It's not the best episode, but a decent try.

Photo Courtesy:
30 Rock, Season 7, Episode 9 "Game Over"

Jack has to come up with a way to convince Hank Hooper to give the CEO position to him instead of his granddaughter. In doing so, he teams up with Devon (Will Arnett) to try to take her down. It's the ultimate cat and mouse game as Jack tries to get DNA to prove Kaylie is not Hank's real granddaughter. There's a couple of twists here that I won't give away but just expect the unexpected. Tracy is off trying to make a Harriet Tubman movie but meets a star (Octavia Spencer) that's even more unpredictable than he is; he tries being Liz in order to control her but she goes off the rails and shuts down production. All this is happening while Liz is trying to weigh her options about pregnancy. She had never considered adopting an older child until this episode. You'll have to watch to see what happens.

My favorite lines: 

  • "Fertility shots? Is that a euphemism?" - Leo Spaceman
  • When Jack says what a pleasure it is to see Kaylie, she replies, "Pleasure is the name of a horse I hate. This is business."
This is a smart, surprising episode. Everything is well-developed and the way Tracy and Liz's story influence each other is really well-written. The Jack/Kaylie duel was very satisfying and paced evenly. Everyone seems to be trying to move forward but still remaining true to their characters. The only annoying part was Jenna's juvenile need to be cool. It's been kind of bringing down the episodes in some cases, but not in this one. I'm going to be sad to see this show go.

The winner? 30 Rock!
(Also, a video below to make up for lack of P&R)

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