Who I Am

with my amazing boyfriend!

I am 22 years young, and I am a walking contradiction.
Life is full of those; that's why I named my blog "a beautiful disaster".
I get motivated when I see creativity around me and hope to one day be a part of an environment where creativity is emphasized and encouraged.
For now though, I'm a college junior who's trying to speed up the process and finish school by next year. I'll be graduating with a degree in communications with a minor in writing and rhetoric.  

My blog was born in 2010 out of curiosity but now it's turning into more of a serious hobby. It's simple: three times a week (MWF), for a maximum of 15 minutes (less time than most people spend talking about themselves throughout the week in social media).

I'm returning to my former self after a couple of years of soul-searching. My old self loves books, which is why I'm dedicating a part of my blog to it. The other areas of my blog serve to be entertaining and/or motivating. 

Some other things that interest me besides blogging include:
  • being around things or people that make me laugh
  • reading a lot more than someone my age usually does
  • Ebay! For me, it has evolved from something that used to make me spare cash into a lucrative hobby
  • usually hanging out with my dogs, my boyfriend, or stressing out at school/work
  • admiring smart writing in hilarious sitcoms
  • dancing until I embarrass someone (usually myself)

Hope this tiny speck of internet space inspires or touches someone,

Contact me at: michelol90@gmail.com

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