Saturday, May 19, 2012

Early for a change.

I guess being sick opens up the availability to do certain blogging, lol.
I feel like I've done nothing but bum around and eat these past two days. I'm not used to 
having two days of blank slates. School being out (and having my weekends back) almost feels a little weird but I must enjoy it before it starts up again in June. 
Eric treated my little brother to his first time at Applebee's and then we went to the animal shelter (also my brother's first).
It's crazy to me that he's having these kinds of experiences for the first time at age 12. It makes me feel like he didn't have much of a childhood...I hope this is the beginning of a bonding tradition.
Speaking of the animal shelter, I gotta say Laredo's really makes me sad.
It's like every time I go in there, I want to walk out with at least 2 dogs. A lot of them look emaciated and it feels like even though the people there all have good intentions, it's a sad cycle. 
I wish there was more money invested into keeping these animals alive.. I heard somewhere that close to 80% of the animals are euthanized and that feels like all the efforts right now are just in vain. Money's being wasted getting them tested, fed, and cleaned all so that the majority can be put down a few days later. 
If I could do something here, it would be to raise money for a decent (hopefully indoor) shelter.
Sometimes I wonder why I ended up back in Laredo..not the literal sense because I know that but the deeper, more spiritual way. I wonder if it's to meet Eric or to bring change. As we were driving back home from the shelter, I was sharing my thoughts with Eric. I can't help but still feel betrayed by my ex-roommate. I'm not jealous but it just feels unfair that I'm in town being productive and feeling stifled by the lack of diversity and she's in San Antonio getting drunk most of the time..something she could do here. 
She stayed in SA under our name and ruined my credit (along with my dad's) and she doesn't see much wrong there either.
I can honestly say had I stayed over there, I wouldn't have grown so much but it still seems unfair.
Only God knows. 
Nothing much to report; just venting this week. 
Hope it wasn't too lame.
'til next time, stay classy♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

late again..

This entry is about two days late from my usual time slot on Sunday.
I didn't write last weekend but it was finals week, so please cut me some slack.
It was a busy semester but I ended up having the best overall semester in my entire college career (with the exception of one class).
I think it was a matter of focus...I hadn't really given school much importance these past few years and I finally feel a little more in control now that I can see the fruits of my labor.
As I've mentioned before, I finished reading The Happiness Project and I convinced my boyfriend to start one with me. I also went on the website for starting tools and it's pretty cool that all these resources are free. Most authors won't do that. I mean, she does have a one sentence journal she's trying to profit off of but other than that, she's not trying to drain you of money with millions of spin-off projects/products. On this website was a list of happiness projects groups in the US and I e-mailed a girl in San Antonio (since she was the closest one).
I've felt kind of trapped lately. The city I live in doesn't give you much variety and I wanted to devote my summer to "Being Michelle" and exploring things I want to explore...but I can't here. We'll see how that goes.
I also think that I'm going in a different direction than my friends..I have thought this before when I was engaged but this time is different; I'm talking about a difference in preferences. I used to bond with my friends a lot more because we shared the same interests but I find myself more willing to meet people who are more in tune with what's interesting me lately: books, good TV, art, writing, dogs, fitness, and spirituality. It's getting a little harder to relate when you can't get excited over the same things. 
I think I've always kind of question this thought but it's just become more and more obvious as time passes. I want to grow and I feel like I'm being stunted. 
I'm taking steps to change that though; I'll keep you posted. 

'til next time, keep it classy♥

Here's a picture of Eric and I on the day of his graduation:
Of course one of the dogs had to get in. They are really taking a liking to him lately and vice versa. It's so cute. :)