Tuesday, April 17, 2012

couldn't wait.

So, I finally found what I had been really curious about today while I was shopping online for a planner (yes, I would). I got so excited, I figure I'd blog about it before I forgot (since I think by Sunday, that would be marked "unimportant" in my head and discarded). I found this journal when I was in Memphis and bought it because I liked it so much (even though I thought it was overpriced). I also found another product I liked shortly after and noticed it was made by the same company. The company is called Knock Knock, and I found their website today. Not only do they have some amazing products, they have an awesome blog and I just really enjoyed the site. The site says that:
" Our customers comprise the impish, the dapper, the droll, the young-at-heart, those who prefer the humor of the truth to false feel-good affirmations. "
I think I fit the bill of that description..well not so much impish, but definitely dapper and droll. I also do appreciate authentic reactions over predictable, fake reactions..maybe that's why I appreciate the humor on shows like The Office and Parks & Rec. Reading this company's philosophy got me strangely excited because it's awesome to see how there is a company that resonates my beliefs so precisely. They have a lot of bullet points to summarize what they're about, but I picked out my favorite ones. They believe:

  • Ethics and decency are immeasurably important. 
  •   Empty feel-good affirmations are an instant gratification of diminishing returns—slyly interpreted truths last longer.
  • Products should be created with care, whether mass produced or handmade.
  • Things should be both beautiful and useful, but they can also be beautiful and frivolous
  • Self-awareness is underrated.
  • Mistakes should be admitted and learned from.
  • Smartness is fun.
  • Humor makes everything better.
  • Not everything should strive to be accessible to the lowest common denominator, or any common denominator, for that matter."
and my personal favorite:

  •  " Turn signals should be used."

Lol, I'd lllooooovvvveee to work with a group of people who keep all this in mind. Like I said, their blog is awesome too. Their latest entry talks about these libraries that look like birdhouses and it's a unique and interesting concept:
"Little Free Library’s motto is “Give a book, return a book.” The project, started by two Wisconsinites, encourages each community to browse their local Little Free Library and borrow or donate books for others to explore. They also emphasize to leave notes in the books for future readers. Perks of this miniature-literature haven are that it requires no card and no fines. Hooray for no more overdue books! "
  In case you're too lazy to go check everything out, here's a picture of it:

I think that's simple, yet innovative. Also, extremely cheap. I love it. I wish Laredo would be this cool...click here to see the philosophy in full or here to check out the blog.
PS- I'm upping my blog game. I'm adding pages and getting better at hyperlinks. It's cool. I want to be progressive!! :)

'til next time, stay classy!♥ 

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