Monday, January 14, 2013

Torn: Jud Wilhite

Author: Jud Wilhite

Pages: 224 pages

PublisherMultnomah Books

Summary (from publisher):
When our world comes crashing down, it does more than steal our peace. Something inside us tears. We feel broken, stranded—torn.
 We naturally ask the question “Why?” when we’re hurting. But as pastor Jud Wilhite turned to the Bible in his own pain, he was surprised to discover that another question matters more: “Who?” Who is worthy of our trust when our trust when our lives are in pieces?
 You may be experiencing a time of such darkness that you wonder if you will ever find “normal” again or look toward the future with hope. In Torn, Jud explores your questions as well as God’s answers—and God’s mysteries. With a pastor’s heart, he looks with you at practical ways to fight for joy, deal with anger and depression, and make the million tiny decisions that add up to a life committed to God, even when your heart is broken. 
 It’s not about having better arguments for the purpose behind our suffering. It’s about our relationship with God—a relationship that can flourish even when our whys go unanswered.

Everyone who has ever questioned God about the purpose of pain and suffering should read this book. Pastor Jud Wilhite writes from a refreshingly different perspective. Chances are if you choose to read this book, you have a "Why God?" moment in your life. I know for me, at the time, I was definitely feeling condemned. However, Jud's purpose of this book isn't to answer that "why". Instead, he's trying to get you to see the "how" to push through your circumstance and the "who" it is you're living for. 

If you are a pastor and wish for an emotional, loving testimonial  then this is the book for you. If you are a Christian and are going through pain and suffering and want to make sense of it all, this book is for you. However, if you're looking for an intellectual debate of the troubles and purposes behind evil, you're not going to find it here. 

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