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Week 2: NBC TV + Video

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The Office, Season 9, Episode 11 "Suit Warehouse"

The storylines:
This episode chose to focus on Dwight and his attempt to lock in a sale with (dude) by posing as father and son. Pam and Daryl also traveled to Philadelphia to see Jim (Daryl was there for an interview and Pam was just surprising him). However, she was the one who ended up being surprised since the "little" start-up looks pretty legitimate when she arrives. Daryl is also intimidated, especially since he usually does really bad in interviews. Also, in the sub-plot I mentioned last time, Erin tries to avoid Pete by distracting herself with a delivery of pens.

I think that the whole Dwight storyline was a nice try at picking up on the whole Dwight Jr. scenario but it felt pretty forced on Rainn Wilson's part. He's really good normally, but the first scenes in the business were so rehearsed to me. Granted, that was probably the point but I just miss the chemistry with old characters I guess. Pam starts to look really unsure about the move to Philly as Daryl lands the job. I really liked the way they set up the whole Athlead studio for Jim. It felt good to see him in a more professional setting and the fact that the staff was so welcoming to Daryl was pretty cool too. Erin also seems to feel guilty now that it's pretty obvious she has feelings for Pete. She stays away from him the whole episode and uses the pens as a metaphor for her refusal to cheat on Andy. As for the rest of the staff, they distract themselves at work by trying out all the flavors of the new espresso machines. When I first heard Steve Carell was leaving, I thought this would be a good opportunity for the rest of the characters to get some face time, but now I feel that they were in the background for a reason. It doesn't really seem they can carry on a large chunk of an episode by themselves. The highlight of the episode for me was Daryl killing some fish during his interview. It was pretty hilarious. This is definitely one of the better episodes of the season.

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Parks and Recreation, Season 5, Episode 10 "Two Parties"

Ben and Leslie are each having their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties. While Ann is trying to make the best of the night, Leslie is distracted because she realizes the plot of land she wanted to use is now being turned into a Ponch Burger. So, she throws Indian artifacts in the site's land to halt construction. Upon realizing how illegal and wrong that is, the girls try to clean house and get Leslie to confess. Meanwhile, the guys are playing board games and drinking beer for Ben's night, when Tom tries to livened up the night by taking them to a trendy new club. What starts out as an attempt to make Ben's day special turns into a bachelor party for all the guys, since none of them had a party of their own. Jerry had his turn at the ice cream shop where he met his wife, Tom's was at the club, Ron's was at St. Elmo's Steakhouse (where guest star Roy Gibbert gets the tab), and Andy's was at Lucas Oil Stadium, where the gang meets the Colts owner, Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck. After a night of fun, the guys realize Chris (who instigated the whole idea) didn't get his turn so they team up to give him a treat of their own.

This is possibly the best episode of the whole show. The guy's night out was so endearing, Chris is finally appreciated for his optimism and consideration, and Leslie has her ass saved by an awesome Indian. Everyone wins in this episode and it's so fun to watch. As always, for me, Andy takes the cake with his ridiculous lines. When Ben asks the gang if eveeryone's thinking what he's thinking, Andy says," Buy Chris a pet snake and then I keep it." lmao. The rant Andy goes on as they give Chris his gift is also hilarious. Great, amazing episode.

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30 Rock, Season 7, Episode 10 "Florida"

Jack is still feeling the bliss from his victory over Kaylie by being on the brink of being named Kabletown's CEO. Before this happens, he's off to Florida and takes Liz along with him. What started out as a visit to fix his mother's estate after her passing ends up being a revelation for both Liz and Jack. Jack finds out his mother has been a lesbian for the later part of her life, and Liz realizes that what Tracy had told her was true...she wasn't spontaneous. That lands her in Harry Potter jail and Jack pondering his happiness. Back at the studio, Tracy and Jenna were in charge and had to get signature to prevent a sexual harassment lawsuit from Paige. Everyone but Kenneth signs because he doesn't want to lose his integrity. After some easy convincing, he signs but doesn't act the same after. When Liz comes back, she impulsively takes two adopted children under her care and Hooper comes into her office to inform her that now TGS is being shut down (due to the lawsuit). Next Friday is her last day....

They are really prepping for the finale with this episode. There wasn't so many laughs and a lot of story development. I think the finale is going to be a lot more emotional than the usual episodes. I feel kind of annoyed that Jenna and Tracy actually cause the demise of the studio; I wish it would've been something else. I'm anxious to see what's going on with Liz.

The night's winner? Parks and Recreation! (Hands down, in my opinion)
(Here's a video to end off the week the recaps the Golden Globes.)

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