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Week 2: Fox TV + Hope for Hump Day

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The Mindy Project, Season 1, Episode 11 "Bunk Bed"

Mindy is trying to bond with her best friend, Gwen, again while her husband is away. The only trouble is that Gwen has to bring her daughter along, who is demanding a bunk bed. That and the fact that Mindy doesn't even know how to build a bunk bed. Meanwhile, Danny brings in the staff on a Saturday to be a more competitive practice so they try to do everything possible to mess with him enough to cancel Saturdays. This started off with the basics: wasting time on Facebook, looking at pictures on People BUT they find a letter that he wrote to her ex-wife.

The first thing I must say is that the opening almost made me close Hulu. Mindy is on a great date with this guy on a horse carriage. Just as things seem like they could lead somewhere, the horse has a heart attack. Then they shoot it...three times. I think that if you want to ruin a date, you could've picked a more awkward moment. I get that a horse dying is out there but it's also insensitive to actually consider that a real option on a national TV sitcom. Once I got over that initial offense, I was surprised. Another really good episode. I like how when a character receives texts on the show, they show it on the screen instead of cutting to the phone. I think this is the second time they do that on this show and it's a refreshing way to show texts. The first half of the episode, I thought they were going to push the Mindy/ Danny thing that they're done on and off but Danny ends up meeting a girl in the hospital. They also gave a lot of face time to Morgan this episode, which made it funnier. This is probably bias because I love Morgan's dialogue and his delivery. The highlight for me was when Mindy called him. He ends up sending the letter the staff found and the way the show ends, it seems like they're going to run with that storyline. We'll see what next week holds.

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New Girl, Season 2, Episode 13 "A Father's Love"

Earlier in the season, Jess's parents came to the loft after Jess tries to "Parent Trap" them. Now, Nick's dad stops by. At first, it seems innocent, until you learn the back story of him being a conman. He invites Jess to watch the horse races and convinces her to pitch in to buy a horse, named "A Father's Love", to make amends with Nick. However, after hearing Winston tell Nick his dad took $1100 dollars from him, both the audience and Nick can put two and two together as he tries to get his dad to pay her back. Back at home, Schmidt is teaming up with Cece's ex, Robbie, to try to get her back. Weird, huh? She's getting set up with a successful Indian man and they both spy on her. Then they head back to the bar to discuss their plan to get her back. 

My favorite line was," There's more to A Father's Love than semen *pause* didn't mean for it to be sexual....poetic but gross." Hilarious. After last week's episode, I wanted to see more of Winston but he's pretty much gone in this episode. I can still appreciate the chemistry between Schmidt and Robbie though. There was also a cute moment between Jess and Nick at the end. You see why he's had trust issues growing up but Jess sees how much he's had to go through and how well he's come out of it despite all the junk.

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Raising Hope, Season 3, Episode 12 "Lord of the Ring"

Sabrina is watching an infomercial with the Chance family and says how bad it is that women base their worth on an engagement ring. However, when she leaves, Bert says she's lying and that Jimmy has to do whatever it takes to get her an engagement ring (like he did for Virginia). Little does he know that Virginia has been pawning/rebuying it for 20 years when the family is broke. So while Bert is going crazy looking for it, Jimmy is going mental doing a bunch of medical tests for money. During all the chaos, Sabrina realizes she actually does want a ring because it'll represent her marriage to Jimmy. 

I'm pretty sure they were spoofing The 40 Year-Old Virgin with Sabrina getting waxed and yelling "Clay Aiken" but don't quote me. Of course, they were also doing a take on "Lord of the Rings" and it was all hilarious to watch. Big Judy was actually my favorite of the night; she kept telling everyone about hints the whole time but the Chance family were a little slow to catch it. Ross makes an appearance again and is trying to hit on Virginia the whole time while everyone's looking for the ring. It's a really cute ending!

The night's winner? Raising Hope!
(Below is the hope to get you through hump day and beyond.)

You're not alone when you're thinking "where did all this time go?"
'til next time, stay classy! ♥

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