Monday, October 22, 2012

Gossip Girl

Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar

Pages: 201

Publisher: Little Brown and Company


The book begins with introducing the main narrator of all the characters, Gossip Girl. She's an anonymous Upper East Sider who runs a popular gossip blog that keeps tabs and everyone's dirty laundry. Then, we start the actual book with Blair Waldorf attending a party at her house with her friends Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates. Blair sneaks off to her room with her boyfriend, Nate Archibald, in order to finally loose her virginity. However, that was cut short by the arrival of Serena van der Woodsen, Blair's best friend who left one year ago to attend boarding school. Blair was always left in her shadow and had grown accustomed to being the new "it girl" once she left. Needless to say, she was less than eager to see her. Blair finds out that Serena and Nate had sex the summer before Serena left. Serena does not understand why she is being ignored by all of her friends, but the reader knows that Blair had something to do with that. So this makes her explore the city on her own (for once) and she ends up being the center of a fashion campaign that's all over New York, infuriating Blair. Despite this attention, Serena realizes that she's not as credible as she needs to be to get into an Ivy League school, which is why she attempts to audition for film that Vanessa Abrams is making. Dan Humphrey freaks out when she sees her show up because he's in love with her. Jenny Humphrey, his little sister, is equally infatuated with her and all the rich kids so she needs her way into getting invited to the big party by doing the invitations. At the Kiss on the Lips party, Chuck Bass tries to pull a fast one on young Jenny. Serena and Dan come to the rescue. Blair also makes Nate swear to avoid Serena in order to make amends for breaking her heart.


The books are really so much better than the series. It's really hard not to compare when you've watched both. Von Ziegesar takes her time to develop character personalities, and it's also a lot more uncensored than the show. Nate smokes pot, most of the kids smoke cigarettes, there's a couple of f-bombs throughout the book, and there's even characters in the novel that aren't on TV. Blair has a younger brother named Tyler (and a kitty named Minky), Chuck has a brother named Donald, and Serena's brother Erik is really an older freshmen at Brown. The characters that are mentioned in both print and TV are better described in the novel. Ms. Waldorf (Blair's mom) is actually rocks a blond bob and lost 20lbs. post-divorce, Cyrus rocks a mustache   Jenny actually has curly brown hair and (a 34D chest), and Vanessa is a tough looking indie chick, rocking black turtlenecks and a shaved head. Chuck and Dan go to Riverside Prep, while Nate is at St. Jude's. Rufus is made out to seem like a has-been writer (that's rocking some salt and pepper hair) unlike the sexy rock star he's portrayed as on the show. You just really get a feel of everyone better, and the interactions are a lot more organic. It's all very juicy. :) 

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