Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Edition Wednesday

So this week's Wednesday post is dedicated to my brother, Chris. He just got married today in San Antonio. He barely told me yesterday..and guess what? My parents don't know. He wants to surprise them... I smell some craziness brewing this weekend!  
He left home 7 months ago to go to basic training for the army and he's already such a man! It's crazy! It's gonna take me a while to process this. The first picture is a screenshot of what he's uploaded on Instagram and the second is a picture taken just last Christmas. He told me that he'd send me some pictures soon. Hopefully he does since I wish I could've been there personally.

I'm happy for him but as his big sister, I worry.
I'm wishing him nothing but the best in this new chapter of his very young life (20!!!).
I'll meet my new (and first) sister-in-law this Friday!
Congratulations, Chris!                          
Us a little under a year ago.
'til next time, stay classy♥
Happy Hump Day!

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