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Gossip Girl: All I Want Is Everything

I'm about a third into the fourth book. Sorry there's no topher (two for one) today. Also, I was getting registered for next semester so I apologize for the late post.  Need to get better about that!

Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
Pages: 215
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Without giving too much away, here are the main events that occur during Christmas and the New Year:

The book starts off with Chuck, Kati, Isabel, Serena, Blair, and Aaron heading out to the club for the Black and Whie Ball that Serena and Blair are hosting (they are friends at this point). She tries to distract herself with Aaron's new friend (Miles Igram) while Serena is busy flirting with a rock star named Flow. Aaron doesn't really like what's going on because he's secretly into his step-sister, so he's been pretty distant lately. Flow makes a shout-out to Serena and Blair, but invites Serena to party with her afterwards which causes the rumor mill to start talking. Everyone ditches Chuck, Kati, and Isabel because they're passed out in the limo while everyone else is about to head to the afterparty. Aaron doesn't want to a be a third wheel so he also splits. As the rest of the group loads up, Nate and Jenny are passing by the club and Serena invited them to join. Nate is kind of bored with Jenny already (although he won't admit it) while Jenny is still very much in the moment. She eagerly accepts the offer but the moment they get into the car, it becomes extremely awkward because everyone runs into each other for the first time since 1) Blair and Nate broke up and 2) Nate and Serena being in the same room since the Blair reconciliation.

At school the following Monday, everyone is treating Serena like a complete celebrity because of the run-in with Flow. Blair is getting told to rewrite her essay to Yale after blowing her interview, Jenny is speaking up in class about sex, Dan's not putting out to Vanessa because he wants his first time to be more poetic, and Nate can't stop comparing Jenny and Blair. During the break, Blair and Serena head off to St. Bart's while Jenny and Nate go Christmas shopping before Nate heads to Maine. As they walk in the park, they get taped being kind of kinky and it's leaked to the internet by accident.

Meanwhile in St. Bart's, Blair tries to lose her virginity to Miles but Aaron ends up walking in on them before anything happens. Dan and Rufus see the video and tell Jenny (who is mortified). When Dan eventually finds out that the tape came from Vanessa's camera, he hates her and writes his first poem since before him and Vanessa started dating. He called it "Sluts" and sends it to Vanessa after a period of not talking. Although it hurts her feelings, she realizes the poem is a gem. She then sends it to the New Yorker to have it published. He gets a letter from the New Yorker on New Year's Eve that he's being published. Initially, he's enraged because he had no idea it was even submitted but then he actually ends up getting back together with her because of it. At this point, Nate is trying to get back together with Blair, Aaron is getting over Blair with Serena, Serena is ditching Flow's heavy attempts to impress her, Jenny is ditching her punishment to go see Nate (who really doesn't care at this point), and poor Flow is getting rejected a second time by a heartbroken Jenny. Ken Mogul sees Vanessa's tape and thinks her cinematography could be useful so he goes to the park to see her in action on New Year's Eve. This is when Dan makes up with her and they share a New Year's kiss.

First of all, I apologize for the longer review. I guess I went a little hay-wire since I didn't do two books. There's a lot of ground to cover since there's a lot of social activities for these characters going on. There's also a lot of feelings and doubting so I just kind of listed that stuff. It seems really fast and forced, but I'm trying to leave the juicy details out. After all, it's supposed to be a summary, not an entire outline (lol). By the third book, you start seeing some weaknesses in the writing. When Von Ziegesar reintroduces characters, she uses mainly the same descriptions. Ex.) "Ms. Gios is always getting nosebleeds and was thought to have some rare contagious disease. All the girls were afraid to touch the handouts she gave them. (page 65)". It's an okay description but it's pretty much the same thing as the second book (almost word for word). She could've changed it up a little since she does this with multiple characters and places (the Humphrey apartment, Rufus, Cyrus, etc.) Also, the whole "Flow following Serena around thing" didn't really have a point in the plot other than to show that Serena was seriously wanted. I don't think it was needed. That's the only criticism I'd have. It was still very entertaining.

Also, these came in the mail today. Yipee! I pre-ordered the book so I'm thrilled it finally got here.

til next time, stay classy!♥

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