Monday, October 22, 2012

Gossip Girl: You Know You Love Me

Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar

Pages: 227

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

The opening scene is with Blair having dinner with her now gay father, who treats her to Manolos and an early birthday cake. A lot is covered in this book; Serena and Dan have their "first date" (at least in Dan's eyes). Dan turns into what the book calls "stalkeresque", writing her a love poem and consistently pushing for some alone time. This usually doesn't happen because Serena keeps inviting friends along to join their time together (like the time when Nate and his friends hitch a ride to Brown with them for their interviews, as well as when Nate and Erik get in Serena and Dan's limo at the Waldorf wedding).  Blair gets cock blocked again but gets informed of her mother's wedding coming up in three weeks (which is the same day as her birthday), gets ignored by Nate, and blows her interview at she gets into an extreme state of melancholy  She also has to deal with Aaron, her new hippie stepbrother. He's really nice all throughout but Blair isn't giving in until the last half of the book. Nate is ignoring Blair because he's been hanging out with Jenny Humphrey. At the wedding, Blair catches Nate with her and heads to the bathroom. Serena cheers her up and takes her out, which is the first time they hang out on a mutual basis since the series started. After Dan realizes that he's experiencing an unrequited love with Serena, he finally sees Vanessa as a potential girlfriend (which Vanessa has been dying for).

You begin to feel bad for Blair because she has no one to turn to. The inner monologue that Von Ziegesar uses so well gives you a clear picture at everything she's feeling (her lack of self-sufficiency and her chronic loneliness . The Gossip Girl blasts do a really good job at tying in parts of what's going on (for example, in the first book (Kati or Isabel?) returns her pink camo bag after Blair and her minions talk about how tacky camo and animal print are when they discuss party favors for the Kiss on the Lips party). All of the characters emotions seem so tangible and genuine and you can really relate, despite the fact that they're filthy rich (and I'm not, lol). Really awesome second addition; can't wait to read the third!

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