Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grades are in! :)

This is already on my Facebook but just showing it to show hard work pays off! Also, not working 50 hours a week makes school a lot easier. Now that I'm employed again, I'm planning on keeping these grades as the standard. Hopefully A's across the board next semester! :)

Book Review Update:
I didn't read the past two weeks because I was cramming for school but I should catch up this winter break. Gossip Girl on the CW officially ended this Monday. :( It was predictable and a litte rushed, but I think the fans got what they wanted. Here's one review you can read that's favorable and here's another that's a little more critical. I'm genuinely very sad to see it go, even if it was kind of lackluster towards the end.

'til next time, stay classy! ♥

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