Friday, December 28, 2012

Ain't No Body Got Time for That

I'm up early (9:00 am to be exact) and while I wake up and get my busy day going, I thought I'd post early for once.

This Christmas, I had the pleasure of sharing it with Eric. Last night was our one year anniversary. All these things are all great, but one thing was grinding my gears. To be specific, it was this video: 

Now, this video isn't so bad when it's standing alone. However, whenever there's a news report on Youtube, there's always a spoof. THAT is what I don't really like. This is it:

For some reason, Eric's siblings could not get enough of this video. I liked it at first because I thought the editing was well done. Hearing it once might make you laugh, but hearing it on repeat for half an hour will really test your patience. Maybe I was just being cranky, but maybe all the repitition butchered it for me as well. Who knows. Anyways, just thought I'd share it with you for this Friday's installment. You be the judge.

'til next time, keep it classy! ♥

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