Monday, December 3, 2012

Gossip Girl: Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar

Pages: 221

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Summary (from publisher):
Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I get everything -- and everyone -- we want. Snagging the latest Marc Jacobs bag or your best friend's boyfriend isn't pretty, but it's always hot...It's almost graduation and our lives are really heating up. Everybody's into college and it's obviously time to party -- as if we hadn't been doing that already! Will Blair and Nate's love affair continue? More importantly, will Blair finally get into Yale? Or will Nate and Serena hook up in New Haven and leave Blair alone in the city?And as for the juiciest scoop of all, what's this we hear about Jenny leaving Constance Billard to go to boarding school? Only time will tell how everyone will end up, but one thing's for sure: love is in the air, and it smells a lot like Gucci Envy.

For a series that I would praise so much, as I read further into the series, I get more and more frustrated and less and less excited to read. None of the stuff going on in Serena's life really have any significant meaning, and Blair is just starting to get annoying with her need for attention. Jenny is "coming of age" and trying to be a rebel, Dan is painted like some sort of love-sick puppy, Vanessa is breaking her "goth" mode, Nate is just a wreck and graduation just gives everyone one more excuse to get together and gossip. The gossip itself is even getting a little old. I started this series as a farewell to the television series and always used to say the books were better but at this point, I'm kind of more entertained by what the writers did on the television show. The only thing that made me feel a little better was that at least I know that the TV show got their "prince" idea from this book (although in the book, it's the English Lord Marcus who supposedly has an arranged marriage back home anyways). Hopefully, I'll finish at around the same time as the show wraps up. 

'til next time, stay classy! ♥

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