Friday, December 7, 2012

Announcement! #employed

I try not to make this blog about my life but I'm just so excited. I'm going to be a dog trainer at Petco! :) 

I got an interview on Tuesday and called the green light two hours later. It sounds like an awesome gig and I can't wait to meet new dogs! Maybe this will also make me closer to my dogs. 

It came at a perfect time, too. It's like God just put it on my lap right as I was getting too bored and about to start my job search. It literally came out of the blue; I applied back in September and hadn't looked for a job since that weekend that I did applications. Awesome! 

In honor of my recent employment, here's a video about the company, the upcoming holidays and also touching on the "dog shaming" trend I mentioned in the past. It's cute. :)

Also, now that I'm here. I will say I'm also happy about the fact that my boyfriend's birthday was yesterday. I got him a Spurs-themed cake with his favorite player, Tim Duncan, whose number just happens to be the age he celebrated. We're heading to see the Spurs/Rockets game as well. It's my version of a two-part birthday treat! Great week!

Happy Friday everyone! 

'til next time, stay classy! ♥

Here I am with my cutie at the AT&T Center:

and here is the cake I had made for him:

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