Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a review for my own peace of mind.

So obviously, I'm on this kick of writing reviews now.
I originally started on my own but since then have found two websites that I will now be writing for.
I have my second book from booksneeze I have to start and my first from the Blogging For Books program (and that one is as thick as a Bible). For now though, I'm writing this one for me.
The other ones are for me too but this review isn't required and for the websites, I have to keep writing in order to keep reading.
Anyways, I had mentioned earlier in my blog that I was putting off a book I needed to finish and that's true.
I still haven't finished it. For now, I've marked the place I need to pick up on but as I'd be reading it, I'd look up at my collection of books and see "Enemies of the Heart" by Andy Stanley. When I'd be in my really bad moods, I'd think, "I really need to get to that book".

So I decided to finally do it and it was one of the best choices ever. 
I have respected Andy Stanley ever since I heard about him but this book has sealed the deal for me with him.
This book is a gift. His insight is not only easy to read and understand, but God-given.
Maybe I'm so in awe because I can apply it to my life right now but it's honestly my new favorite book.
In one of his sermons I saw online, he commented on the fact that some people criticize him for not being deep enough and he made everyone laugh when he said," I'm not deep because I'm CLEAR." He went by saying that people typically think the more confusing (and "deep") something sounds, the deeper the person is and we might try to deny it but we all like the riddle-ly cliches. Those are better to try to figure out than the ones that are spelled out for you.
This book is full of very spelled out insight...and that's something I think we need more of.
We need clarity.
We need answers to questions, not more questions to have to figure out.
This book talks about how basically all of our negative human interactions stem from either guilt, greed, anger, or jealousy and discusses what four things you can do to fix it.
He also brings up the topic of lust, which everyone probably thinks is one of the four (which is probably why he included it). He makes great points in every single topic and provides excellent examples of each (for both the problems and the solutions).
He even distinguishes the four from lust and the one difference is one to really consider.
This is a book I want to literally show to everyone I know and I've never had that urge with a book I've ever read.
I just finished it right before grabbing my laptop and feel compelled to share with everyone (or the 1.43 people that might happen to read this, haha).
Great job, Andy!

'til next time, stay classy!

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