Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just sad.

I usually don't write back to back days but today surprised me when my biology teacher told us 
if we wanted to opt out of doing a lab today and listen to a speaker instead. The class agreed but as soon as I found out what he was talking about, I was skeptical. This is part of the school's "distinguished speakers series" and surprisingly, they have brought some pretty legit guests. Today's was Michael Shermer and he was mostly promoting his newest book but all of his being wants to promote evolution.
This is the link to his wikipedia page:
Just so you can get a visual. Before he even started speaking, I felt like I was pacing back and forth in my mind. This guy is basically anti-God and makes that his lifestyle. Why would I want to listen to that?
He was funny and his observations and points were pretty solid but I still can't bring myself to look back.
I'm in a place in my faith where I've finally grown comfortable with every aspect of Christianity and to just have some guy propose theories that basically everything that happens to us can be traced back to certain things that happen in our brains just sounds stupid to me.
I agree with him saying science is our best tool but how can the human mind be expected to solve every possible question when we don't even use our full brains?
All I kept thinking was how this guy probably had some level of frustration in his life that made him turn to his equations and ideas. He was supposedly a Christian before.
Now he's promoting to live without God?
I don't buy it. Something traumatic had to have happened to him to go from one extreme to the other and quite frankly, as secure as he thinks he is behind his "answers" to everything, there is something he's not revealing. 
His desire to question everything is probably more driven by fear than anything.
He should pick up a Bible instead of trying to figure out everything on his own.
I'm all about enlightenment but this guy went about it the wrong way. It's a shame too.
He's pretty bright and charismatic. Living without any purpose other than some self-absorbed self-filling prophecy feels so absurd to me. Forgive my ranting but I'm just not used to having such a strong reaction from things like this.
Anyways, days like this make me proud of my progress in faith.
Thank the good Lord.
'til next time, stay classy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...and the link. My husband will be interested to read this as well.
    I want to encourage you in your growth for not accepting science as "more truthful" than God's word. Science is a tool that is calibrated by the users...if calibrated poorly, the results are off. Sometimes way off.
    I believe we were created in God's image...meant for relationship...to know and be known. Real relationship is risky and takes effort to seek out the good of the other. AKA submission...a charged idea for post moderns. Anyway...the battle is about who is in control? (and what are the implications?)
    If "God" is of our minds, He must submit to our laws.
    However, if God is above our minds, we are under His laws.

    The speaker believes in creation...he is trying to hammer out proof of who created Whom? (While trying to minimize the implications).

    TTYL :)