Thursday, November 24, 2011

BFB Review #2: What Are You Waiting For? by Dannah Gresh

I was kind of hesitant to pick this book because I wasn't ready for what it might contain. Before I became a solid believer, I used to blatantly speak up about sex when asked but now I've become a new (and wiser) creation, as The Word would say. 
Anyways, I really ended up liking this book. It's one of those where you feel like you're just having a really good chat with a friend over some lunch. Dannah Gresh has a very transparent, personable, and loud voice when she writes and I really enjoyed it.
Her whole book centralizes around "yada" which translates from Hebrew as "to know, to be completely known, to be respected." Yada is essentially the kind of love God designed and she mentions how yada, yada, yada in English has a completely different meaning and it truly is mindblowing how so many of the words in Scripture are lost in translation and as a result, become minimized. 
That was one of the strengths of this book. She did her research and not only provided plenty of translations ("shakab", among others) but she even brings in examples from people on the opposite end of the spectrum who had to admit some faults in their judgments to make her arguments more concrete (like a liberal feminist on her comments on porn; I can't find the page number to site her! I'm sorry!).
A really good sentiment in that chapter reads: "Porn corrodes a marriage because lust kills love. Love gives; lust takes. Love sees a person; lust sees a body. Love is about you; lust is about me and my own gratification" )(page 85).
I can't really relate too much to the porn chapter but some of them really hit home. I was glad SOMEONE in the Christian community had the lady balls to talk about this stuff. Outside of church, sex is everywhere but the church tends to skirt around the topic (probably for censorship purposes).
The picture of the bulls-eye was a nice visual,the picture of Cali's fiance proposing was cute
and so were her examples of the payoffs of purity.
The book also comes with some challenges in prayer, a discussion guide in the back, and some pretty interesting fun facts throughout the book so you get a lot of information in one book!
The only thing I was say as a slight negative is that because Dannah has such a loud voice in her writing, sometimes she could sound offensive when she makes negative opinions but that's just a matter of wording. The lesbian chapter just sounded like lesbians were on crack (lol) I agree with what's being said but I guess I'd be a little more considerate of my audience? Maybe I'm just being critical.
Anyways, loved it. Read it in two hours and was something to be thankful for. (BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!) The chapters are short too so that made me feel like I was really breezing through it. (Maybe a trick she used?) She really did do a sensational job at making you appreciate and view sex in a totally new and exciting thing to look forward to..even brought out a tear or two. It really emphasizes purity and modesty without coming off as overbearing or offensive (which is hard to do in such topics). Awesome! 

Disclaimer: I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah as part of their blogging program in exchange for a book review. I was not required to give a favorable review. The opinions expressed are my own.

'til next time, stay classy! ♥

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