Monday, March 7, 2011

new goals = new plans

   So today was my first lesson with my kids at Mrs. Jarrett's 2nd grade class at Evers Elementary School. I was super antsy right before walked in but apparently these kids recognize me from the initial meet and greet so that eased me up a bit and after the set-up for my lesson is when I really got comfortable.
   I have always thought teaching would be very suitable for me. However, I feel like teaching doesn't make the kind of money I'd want. Part of the reason I decided to do JA was so I could explore this and maybe see if I would actually seriously consider. There's probably a lot of other careers where my intelligence could be applied in but the benefits of being a teacher have always interested me: good hours, weekends and summers off, and the flexibility to be creative with learning.
   I've decided I'm moving back to Laredo after this semester. Initially, I was staying in San Antonio for a year but things have come up....I'M ENGAGED :) and well the experience here hasn't lived up to the experience I imagined in my mind. San Antonio is a great city, but it will always be here. For now, I'm gonna focus on me and finish school and get closer to loved ones. I want to make an effort to bridge the gap that has been there for soo long. I WILL leave Laredo.. but I'll have to wait a little longer than I thought. It's not just a "me" now; it's an "us".
-'til next time, stay classy♥

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