Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring break in TN

    So I'm almost halfway through spring break in Memphis (well TECHNICALLY Bartlett). I've gotta say I think I'm enjoying myself more here than I would in the infamous SPI. It's different sure, but it's more realistic. You can't be gluttonous and crazy in your daily life. Here I'm just taking in the new faces, scenery, and interactions and seeing what other things life can bring. Most people forget the "break" part of "spring break"..instead of resting and forgetting about school, they abuse their bodies and half of the time they're still recovering from their so-called "break". I'm taking this R&R time to get acquainted with my future family, and I couldn't be more pleased with the turnout. Andrew's family and friends have all been more than hospitable and it's great to finally put the faces to names and see who my fiance has been surrounding himself with. His whole circle really explains how he's become the great man that he is.

   I was incredibly nervous this wouldn't even happen though since we BARELY made our first flight and our second flight was delayed an hour. It HAD to be me, right? Anyways, after all that early morning drama Andrew and I found out that we are staying here till Sunday...we assumer we were leaving Friday. Again, our luck. haha but yeah. Family introductions were made Monday and last night we went to New Albany, Mississippi and hung out with Mike, Jenny, Greg, Shannon, Jaime, Mark, and Jonathan..all Andrew's friends and all great people.I haven't really had any complaints about this trip...and my scrutiny ALWAYS finds something to complain about. 

   Today (Wednesday) we went to watch The Adjustment Bureau and I kind of fell in love with it. I guess that always happens though when you feel you can relate. Basically the whole conflict of the story was that Emily Blunt and Matt Damon getting together would ultimately ruin their individual destinies. Matt Damon's character was told if he is with Emily Blunt's character, he will fill the emptiness he's felt his whole life and give up his fate as President and hers as a dance legend. Most of what Andrew and I have had miscommunications with is how he feels I still need attention..and I did. I've always felt that anyone I've let in enough (or anyone who can interpret my writing style) can sense that I've always had this void in my life that was never quite filled which caused me to seem emotionless at times. The way I used to try to fill that void was wrong and I can admit that. However, Andrew has changed everything. My whole life I've felt this chronic pressure and stress and he honestly pacifies it. No one's ever been able to do that. I think I stress out too much about losing him because I'm not used to feeling this free. I've never imagined I'd be doing half of the things I'm doing now, but since I've met him, I feel like my life isn't real. No one can make me feel as good as Andrew does with just a stare, a sincere compliment, or a random kiss on the cheek. It's really quite overwhelming at times. I would pick no other place to be during my break than anywhere Andrew is...I could've been in Laredo or Antarctica. Loving someone this much is something I never would've imagined possible.

Below are pictures of us on the way to downtown Memphis earlier today. We got on a carriage ride too. :) and OF COURSE, a picture of my baby with HIS baby, Greta (who hates me, lol)

till next time, stay classy! (and happy Spring Break to all) ♥

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