Sunday, April 22, 2012

first consecutive weekly update!

Another company I'd like to work for is ModCloth.They're an online shop that specializes in unique little trinkets, awesome apartment stuff, and vintage/retro clothing. You can check it out here to see what I'm talking about. IF I were rich, I'd exclusively shop :( I like unique companies with a strong sense of integrity.
I am registering for my final semesters at my local community college. Although I've lived in San Antonio, I was at the community college even then so in the fall would be my first semester at a university level. I don't know how to feel about that. I can't believe I've been thriving in school. It feel refreshing. I'm considering taking a voice class this summer since that's always been a hidden thing I've wanted to explore. Watching The Voice really makes me wanna try, lol. I'm lame. Don't have much to report since I'm pretty drama free and just overall, happy. I feel full, safe, and energetic. Here are the two loves of my life besides Eric (haha).

'til next time (week), stay classy!♥

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