Wednesday, December 7, 2011

quick read.

I bought a lot of Nicholas Sparks's books on Ebay because I wanted to read this one. Also, I had read The Wedding and wanted my own copy (since I had returned the book to a friend a while back). I plan to resell the lot on ebay but thought I should check out a few of them beforehand. I read reviews to this book before and bad ones made this book seem completely disappointing but I happened to like it. Maybe because I'm not a loyal reader of his novels or maybe because it was just fun to have my imagination run wild for the first time in a while. The other books I read were thought-provoking but mostly due to self-evaluation. This book reminded me why I used to love reading so much. I do agree with some of the comments on the bad reviews though: 
*Kevin's character was really deranged and seemed repetitive but maybe that was the effect Sparks was going for. The constant Bible references that motivated his psychosis were a bit much though..not too sure how I feel about that.
*Alex and Katie's romance did seem to just sprout a little out of nowhere but the dialogue was endearing so I could forgive the lack of character development.
*I didn't expect for it to get as dark as it did in the second half (which was a major complaint of Sparks' lack or originality) but it kept me glued to the pages. It's supposedly "a carbon copy of Sleeping With the Enemy" but since I haven't seen that movie, this story line achieved its purpose to shock and awe me. 
*I didn't see the ending coming. 
I guess it was just juicy to me because it was a change of pace from all the Christian books. Finished it in about 3 hours so it apparently sat well with me. Reading this was better than watching TV but I'll just have to go through a few more of his novels before I could have a concrete opinion of his style. 

'til next time, stay classy♥

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