Saturday, December 3, 2011


Before this review, I thought I should post this really awesome video my best friend pleasantly surprised me with!
This is a book I bought (not got for free in lieu for a review) and it was worth every penny. Other than Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley, this is probably the most powerful book I've read this year. I'm not the only one who agrees..this is the only book I've looked up on that got all its reviews with a 5 star rating. This one is different from Andy's because this one isn't a self-help. It's definitely focused on Jesus. His use of analogies was superb and so was the tone of the book overall. Usually, when authors use asterisks/cliffnotes it's for clarification purposes on background information or translations but this asterisks always surprised me with jokes. That was an interesting and fun way to keep the audience engaged and on a good mindset since this book does get pretty heavy sometimes. The concept of yada came up in this book (like it did in What Are You Waiting For?) and just emphasizes the kind of love God knows and wants us to know. He also stresses the importance of being authentic over being perfect, focusing on relationship rather than rules, and on following over believing. The quote used on the cover of the book pretty much summarizes my feelings. "Kyle's words are, at once, profound and practical." -Max Lucado. He has this way of writing to where you feel like it''s relatable (like from a friend) yet coming from a really wise mentor (like someone who you respect more than treasure as a friend). He clears up what a real invitation to follow Jesus looks like and challenges you to question whether you're a fan or follower. It's really amazing in more ways than one and it would take me forever to elaborate so I'll stop here (lol). His "Not a Fan" testimonies were awesome too. Just a great concept overall that was worded in a way that was deep yet clear (when writing is usually one or the other).

'til next time, stay classy ♥

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