Wednesday, June 30, 2010

slight update.

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After weeks of misfortune with phones, I FINALLY have a fully functioning phone that I am satisfied with. I can now Facebook on the go again, haha.
You can call me old school if you want, but I love my Sidekick♥
After my Blackberry fucked up, I was gonna upgrade to HTC but I figured
I've been curious about Sidekicks since they first came out so I wanted to
get one before they come off the market for good. I designed the skin @
I also got two more.. not that you care though, haha. Go there if you like personalization
like I do.. it's cheap and it's
badass. :) Enough about phones though..

So I have a little over a week now at Guitar Center.
It's pretty chill. Get paid to be eye candy to all the horny old men & musicians and verify receipts. It's the kind of job I wanted..easy money. You kind of have to pay attention to what you're doing but other than that, it's good.

I feel better now that my schedule is filling up again.
Being a bum makes me overthink too much shit..
especially about him...
Slowly though I'm starting to realize that my close group of friends are really one of a kind. 
As long as I stay busy, I'm happier..

But yeah.. that's it for now. I felt weird since it had a while since I last blogged. More pics up soon to show you my adventures as a cheerleader, haha.

'til then, stay classy!♥

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