Wednesday, June 9, 2010

first entry♥

it's 9:34am: Haven't slept.
Why? Racing thoughts.
Sometimes I wish my brain would just shut down.. :\
I've been wanting to start up one of these for a loonnngg time..
Wanted to do it before it was popular and the only reason I didn't
was because I didn't want to look like I had no life other than blogging, lol.
Now that it's more socially acceptable to document your life online, I figure I'd give it a shot.
Anyone who really knows me knows I love the title of my blog.
It's a contradicting way of pointing out the reality of things.
(I plan to get it on my body soon.)
Anyways, thanks for the love if you're here.
Shows you care enough to read, haha. :)

More posts up soon.
'til then, stay classy!♥

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