Friday, June 18, 2010

pointless nostalgia.

"The darkest moments of our lives are not to be buried and forgotten, 
rather they are a memory to be called upon for inspiration
to remind us of the unrelenting human spirit 
and our capacity to overcome the intolerable."
-Author Unknown.

..beautiful but easier said than done. At least it feels that way right now..
I'm in a situation that's out of my control. I put 110% and still didn't get what I wanted.
I guess it was doomed from the get-go, but I had faith that things would work. Still do.
It's hard to wait around for something you know may never happen but it's even harder when
you know it's everything you want.

I feel like I shouldn't wait because he's going to be gone in about a month. 
Probably forever.
The fucking military taking everyone away, lol.
I can't help but want to resort to my old ways and go back, but after the past two
run-ins with him, there's not much to go off of. 
Maybe it's my pride (and fear of rejection) talking but I've gone through enough to 
know when to just let things be. It's all in God's hands, I guess.
I wish He would've just given me this one thing cuz I normally don't ask for much.
I haven't even talked to this guy in exactly one month and 10 days and it's been a drag.
I'm never been the sappy, lovey-dovey type, but damn..
I've never wanted anything (or anyone) this bad..

Enough venting, lol.
Highlight in my life as of now?
* Officially employed again (Guitar Center)*
haha, something to keep my mind distracted. 

Looks like since I'm not getting the man I want, I'll have to settle for 
Toby as my main man. :) Below are some pics of him:
'til next time, stay classy!♥

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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