Tuesday, May 15, 2012

late again..

This entry is about two days late from my usual time slot on Sunday.
I didn't write last weekend but it was finals week, so please cut me some slack.
It was a busy semester but I ended up having the best overall semester in my entire college career (with the exception of one class).
I think it was a matter of focus...I hadn't really given school much importance these past few years and I finally feel a little more in control now that I can see the fruits of my labor.
As I've mentioned before, I finished reading The Happiness Project and I convinced my boyfriend to start one with me. I also went on the website for starting tools and it's pretty cool that all these resources are free. Most authors won't do that. I mean, she does have a one sentence journal she's trying to profit off of but other than that, she's not trying to drain you of money with millions of spin-off projects/products. On this website was a list of happiness projects groups in the US and I e-mailed a girl in San Antonio (since she was the closest one).
I've felt kind of trapped lately. The city I live in doesn't give you much variety and I wanted to devote my summer to "Being Michelle" and exploring things I want to explore...but I can't here. We'll see how that goes.
I also think that I'm going in a different direction than my friends..I have thought this before when I was engaged but this time is different; I'm talking about a difference in preferences. I used to bond with my friends a lot more because we shared the same interests but I find myself more willing to meet people who are more in tune with what's interesting me lately: books, good TV, art, writing, dogs, fitness, and spirituality. It's getting a little harder to relate when you can't get excited over the same things. 
I think I've always kind of question this thought but it's just become more and more obvious as time passes. I want to grow and I feel like I'm being stunted. 
I'm taking steps to change that though; I'll keep you posted. 

'til next time, keep it classy♥

Here's a picture of Eric and I on the day of his graduation:
Of course one of the dogs had to get in. They are really taking a liking to him lately and vice versa. It's so cute. :)

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